Asbestos inventory construction - or renovation project

The asbestos inventory legislation also requires an asbestos inventory when a building is demolished. This concerns an asbestos inventory that is part of the demolition follow-up plan that must be added to the application for an environmental permit. The obligation only applies to infrastructure work larger than 250m3, a residential building larger than 5,000m3 or a non-residential building larger than 1,000m3.

The asbestos inventory legislation does not only require a certificate when the house is sold.
Read more on our page " Asbestos certificate for sale of a house" but has been mandatory for some time when demolishing a building.

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The asbestos inventory legislation distinguishes between two types of asbestos inventories:

Non-destructive asbestos inventory: this inventory only describes the visible asbestos-containing materials. Floors or ceilings are never damaged in order to map embedded asbestos.

Destructive asbestos inventory: According to the asbestos inventory legislation, a destructive asbestos inventory is drawn up for buildings that are being demolished or renovated and it describes all asbestos present. Both visible and embedded asbestos that can be exposed during the works. This sometimes involves breaking open floors, walls and ceilings to look for underlying asbestos.


The asbestos inventory legislation provides for the obligation of an asbestos inventory in the demolition follow-up plan to ensure that the workers on the site can work safely and also to prevent asbestos from ending up in the regular demolition rubble.

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