Generic asbestos attestion

On our page about "asbestos certificate for sale" you could already read that from November 22, 2022 it is/was mandatory to have an asbestos inventory drawn up when transferring and selling a construction with a year of construction before 1 January 2001. And to deliver this to the buyer, at the latest before signing the sales agreement.

But the Flemish asbestos building policy also provides for an objective to have an asbestos inventory by 31 December 2031 at the latest for all accessible constructions built before 1 January 2001. So not only for constructions that are sold or transferred, but for all constructions. Regardless of whether or not you are going to sell, every owner of such a construction with a high-risk construction year must therefore have an asbestos inventory by 2032. Such an asbestos inventory, which is not drawn up with a view to a sale or transfer, is called a generic asbestos test or generic asbestos inventory.


By “construction” we mean a building, structure, permanent establishment or pavement built into the ground, fixed to the ground or resting on the ground for the sake of stability and intended to stand or lie in place.

In addition, the construction must be "accessible", ie that people can enter it. This is at least the case for structures whose roof is supported by structural elements and in which a person can normally stand or walk.

In order to be subject to the inventory and attestation obligation, the construction must date from a high-risk construction year, i.e. date from construction year 2000 or earlier.

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