Terms and conditions

  • The quote that you automatically receive by email and that you as a customer agree to, only becomes valid once an employee of ours has been able to check the file and has sent you a contract form to sign.
  • An order is valid and binding after acceptance of the quote and obtaining and confirming an inspection date.
  • Asbestbureau reserves the right to reschedule an appointment. You will always be contacted in advance for this.
  • After acceptance of the quote and entering into a binding agreement, this agreement can only be dissolved with mutual consent.
  • The asbestos experts of Asbestbureau carry out the inspections in accordance with the protocols established by OVAM.
  • The price of the inventory is not subject to the required inspection time. The inspection time depends on several parameters such as the condition of the house, the available documents / bill of quantities, etc. The prices indicated relate to the total service, namely the visual inspection, processing of the file, follow-up of the samples at the lab, follow-up at OVAM, delivery of the certificate, ...
  • If samples are taken for analysis during the inspection of the property, they will be settled on site after the inspection.
  • A private home or private property is only entered in the presence of the owner or his representative.
  • The condition for the inspection in the context of the asbestos inventory is that all parts of the building are easily accessible and also safe to enter. Our employees have the right to refuse an inspection of a building section if this condition is not met.
  • The client must provide the necessary guidance during the inspection in order to be able to provide access to all rooms/installations to be inspected.
  • The client must provide sufficient light so that the inspection can be carried out correctly.
  • For certain (suspicious) applications of asbestos, the necessary samples must be taken in accordance with the expected inspection protocol of OVAM. If the client does not allow such sampling, the material to be inspected will be listed as "suspicious of asbestos" by default.
  • If necessary, the executors of the sampling will wear a mask and protective clothing.
  • Any waiting times of the inspection team, not caused by Asbestbureau (Kasper & Kent BV), will be settled at € 105.00 incl. VAT. This will be settled on site after inspection.
  • Additional inspections and reporting hours due to inaccessibility of certain areas/installations are not included in the quotation price. If an additional inspection has to be carried out outside the foreseen inspection time, the performances will be charged at € 105.00 incl. VAT.
  • In case of late cancellation (less than 36 hours before the agreed time), 50 euros excl. VAT will be charged.
  • Any costs associated with receiving the necessary information from the municipalities are for the account of the customer. These are not included as standard in the quotation price.
  • By default, a digital report in PDF of the inventory is delivered in Dutch.
  • Asbestosbureau (Kasper & Kent BV) guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the information obtained.

This price offer remains valid for 30 calendar days or until the relevant legislation is amended.

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